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The reason why I think this “drama” with Atuno is incredibly one sided is because she didn’t do anything to deserve it. She literally did exactly what all of you anti recast people wanted, tagged her “fakes” and added bonus, she stayed away from the recast drama and didn’t shove her recasts in your face or passed it off as a legit, literally EXACTLY what you guys wanted of recast owners, but somehow all it took was one set of her doll photos getting a bunch of notes and people not looking back at the source (like most of you claim you do) to make a fuss and how she “supposedly” didn’t tag her post and tried to trick people, she even publicly apologized for it, but no, that wasn’t enough for you all and you still try and her put her down that she isn’t a real artist because how she owns recasts, which was caused by other people who reblogged her post and not tagging that her dolls were recasts. What happened with Atuno is EXACTLY the reason why a lot of the pro recast and recast owners don’t tag their dolls, even if they did what you wanted to not cause drama, you guys will somehow cause it anyway.

— #1902 (via recastconfessions)

新品 キノコジュース キキ モアベーシックタイプ ムニュクチ - ヤフオク! →


Man, I wish I could afford that. Legitimately sad now.

That kinoko juice starting bid over nearly $2500…………… O_O