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I’m so happy right now~~ She looks so cute with her original outfit!! ^o^ !! Finally the dress for Senri is finished~ A mix between two designs =) tho just waiting for the shorter wig to arrive. (but the long wig is also really good on her~)

Tho, I’m not really happy with the photography result.

"Nyan nyan nyan!!" =3


Recently, I felt the need to try my hand at more complex projects - I get existential crisis about my artwork/job more ore less twice a week, and trying to explore my limits is a good way to calm down anxiety, I found out.

 I played with stereotypes a little bit: the concept itself of a “Crazy Cat Lady" is rather sexist (never heard of a "Crazy Dog Man", although a lot of middle aged men love their pets dearly too!), and by contrast I created a Cat Lady that embodies the stereotypical characteristics of commercial feminine beauty (impossibly lean legs, narrow waist, prosperous cleavage). And then, obviously, I added a ton of kitten cuteness.. because I just can’t stay serious for too long, and because cats make everything better after all! :)

So, here she is, about 2.5 inches tall and ready to join my Etsy shop!

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